Develop Organizations
through People!

How can people cooperate more efficiently?

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The persolog Personality Factor Model describes human behavior on the basis of the four behavioral patterns dominant, influencing, steady and cautious.

persolog: Develop. Powerful. People.

Develop Organizations through People

How can people cooperate more efficiently?

persolog tackles this question. This is the basis on which we develop our learning instruments around social and individual skills for trainings, coachings, HR development and organizational health management. In Germany alone, more than 5,000 trainers and HR managers certified by us are working with the scientifically founded models, questionnaires and seminar designs – and every year their number increases by approx. 300. We are cooperating with 14 partners on all five continents.

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Friedbert Gay – your persolog Trainer

How can people cooperate more efficiently? This is the question Friedbert Gay has been dealing with for many years as managing director, master trainer and speaker. His philosophy is to be responsive to individual personalities because he is convinced that “the equal treatment of unequal people is not fair”.


The clarification of how to interpret the profils was great. I liked the trainer's approach to the team and got what I came for!

Imre Kadar
HR Manager, JYSK Hungary

Great atmosphere and trainers attitude!

Jan Bek
HR Manager, JYSK C2/SK